Timekeeper is a free, personal time-tracking app for Windows. Designed to adapt to your needs, it's as simple or complex as you want.
Ask your doctor if Timekeeper is right for you.


What's in it for you?

Time Tracking

Timekeeper's primary function is to track time. Start the timer, stop the timer, and, if you feel like it, add a few notes.

Multiple Dimensions

Track your time against Projects, Activities, Locations, and user-defined Categories. Or none of these. It's up to you.


Timekeeper offers a Journal Entry Report, a Time Grid, and a Punch Card Report to help you see where your time is spent.

To Do List

Add any Project to a To Do list. Keep track of todo item notes, status, start date, due date, and even time estimates.


Write daily notes or jot down random thoughts not bound to a specific start or end time. Track notes against time tracking dimensions.

Calendar View

A familiar overview of your tracked data. Highlights days where you've recorded time. Click to view or edit the tracked details.


Display a countdown timer based on an ad-hoc, user-entered time or count down to a pre-defined event. Resize it for easy viewing.


Count up time with hundredth of a second resolution. Supports standard lap and reset functions. Run multiple instances.

And More...

Define events and set reminders. Flexible find function for your entries. Advanced filtering for reports and grids. CSV import and more...


See for yourself.


You know you're ready.


Timekeeper is available free of charge and free of registration. Just download it and use it. That's it.
The current download is an open beta test of Timekeeper 3.0. Visit the old site to download the stable 2.3 version.

System Requirements

Timekeeper requires Windows XP or greater. It runs on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.


Version Release Date OS Size Download
3.0.521.7 October 7, 2014 32-bit Windows 8,364 kb Download
3.0.521.7 October 7, 2014 64-bit Windows 8,366 kb Download


Or lack thereof.

This software is the hobby of a single developer, and as such, I cannot provide individual support nor can I make any guarantees about bug fixes or any new features.

That being said, I have been developing Timekeeper since 1999 and I have no plans to quit any time soon. Time tracking is a bit of a compulsion of mine, so I plan to keep at this for as long as I still have this brain.

Full documentation can be found online here. If you're still having trouble, send me an email at  get-help <at> technitivity <dot> com . I can't promise a response, but I'll do my best.