Timekeeper Version 2.3

Timekeeper is free, personal time tracking software.

Timekeeper can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. From basic "on/off" tracking all the way to complex nested folders of tasks and projects, Timekeeper can fit your needs.

Download Timekeeper for Windows


System Requirements

Timekeeper is a 32-bit Windows application running on top of .NET 2.0. As long as you have the framework installed, it will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download for Free

2012-10-12Executable Installer1,298 kbtimekeeper.2303.setup.exe
2012-10-12Zipped Executable Installer1,269 kbtimekeeper.2303.setup.zip
2012-10-12Without Installer1,066 kbtimekeeper.2303.zip
2011-05-02Executable Installer1,279 kbtimekeeper.2204.setup.exe
2011-05-02Zipped Executable Installer1,249 kbtimekeeper.2204.setup.zip
2011-05-02Without Installer1,033 kbtimekeeper.2204.zip

Note: If you use the installer, the Timekeeper database file type (.tkdb) will be registered and a Start Menu folder will be created. You can easily uninstall it from the Windows Control Panel. (It's only three files.) If you prefer to be less integrated, download the "Without Installer" option and place the files in a folder of your choice.


If you have the software already installed, press F1 (or click the "?" button on most dialog boxes) for context-senstive help in the form of a compiled HTML (chm) file.

Or just view help online.


While this software is the hobby of a single developer, it has been so since 1999 with no signs of slowing down. Time tracking is a bit of a compulsion of mine, so I plan to keep at this for as long as I still have this brain. I cannot provide individual support but I can promise that I'll keep developing this software for well into the foreseeable future.


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